canon john egbert
❝ i am not a homosexual ❞
The name's Egbert. John Egbert. :B That is not actually my name, but for asshole-like and/or mysterious reasons, i am not going to tell you my real name. I am known for my John Egbert cosplay although everyone forgets that WOW that's not all i cosplay. I normally attend Tora con, Roc con, Anime syracuse, and occasionally UB con and other comic cons that come around my area. (Niagra falls comic con/rhode island comic con.) So if you live in the Rochester area, i am totally down with meetin up with you as long as you promise not to kidnap me. I also occasionally draw very shitty art for you to gawk and laugh at. You can always come to me if you need to talk, i love to listen and i love all of you.! 

Guess who very badly edited a selfie

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