Koujaku's Fine Ass
❝ i am not a homosexual ❞

The name's Egbert. John Egbert. Or Koujaku. Or castiel. Or whatever the fuck else i cosplay, because i'm not going to put my real name on here for the sake of seeming cool and mysterious on the internet. I seem to be known for my John Egbert cosplay although everyone forgets that WOW that's not all i cosplay. (Koujaku, Castiel, Ryuko Matoi). I normally attend Tora con, Roc con, Anime syracuse, and occasionally UB con and other comic cons that come around my area. (rhode island comic con.) So if you live in the Rochester area, i am totally down with meetin up with you as long as you promise not to kidnap me. I also occasionally draw very shitty art for you to gawk and laugh at. You can always come to me if you need to talk, i love to listen and i love all of you.!

Guess who very badly edited a selfie

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